The Troubled Times of Samuel Heck

Hello! Last September, I recorded a 5 song EP in the bathroom called 'The Troubled Times of Samuel Heck'. After dusting off the Tascam and locating a blank cassette tape, I unwound all the wires, plugged all the plugs and managed to finally record a handful of some songs I've been sitting on for years. A few physical copies were burned onto CDr with a homemade sleeve for close friends and sent to a couple labels for laughs. If you're just DYING to get your hands on one, let me know (comment, send an owl, message in a bottle or whatever) and I'll make that happen.

HERE is what Lord Rutledge of the Faster and Louder blog thinks about it.

Jonah Raydio was also kind enough to play one of the tracks, 'Devil is a Woman' on their Colin Hanks episode.


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